Watercolor workshops

I'm excited to announce that I have started teaching again. I have always loved being able to share the discovery of art - the exploration and problem solving and relaxation that comes with creating. My good friend and fellow artist Kristin Malone opened her storefront for Home Malone November 2016 and not only is it a fantastic retail space to find so many local artists and makers, but Kristin is also using the new space to create opportunities to create community through having art classes and gatherings in the evenings.

I offered my first three hour watercolor course in April, with a full class and an abundance of ideas and a passion to share it all. Being a little overly ambitious about the class I realized how much more fitting it would be to spread the class out into three parts and make it more intimate with a smaller group, all of us sitting around one table moving through the process together, talking through it, sharing through it and being able to discover so much more. The next 3 part Workshop will be help May 11, 18, 25 from 6-9pm upstairs at Home Malone. Only a couple of spots remaining so email me if you are interested katryalls@gmail.com

from the first class, watercolor flowers

Katharine Ryalls