On the River's Edge

I've spent most of my life near the steady flow of a river. These past 11 years I've been near the mighty Mississippi. My formative years were spent along the Yadkin River in North Carolina where my sisters and I would barrel down the hill to its edge, sometimes being able to reach it, other times not.

Over the years the river has kept changing, adjusting, rising and falling and carving new shapes into the banks. During the times when the water was out of reach below a sharp cut bank I would long for the river banks when they were easy to climb down. But they come and go, never stagnant or permanent and that energy of the flowing water has always spoken to me and called to me.

And as usual when summer is upon us, I hear the rivers calling me to go and explore. I'll be working on my Threads Project again which is at its roots about connecting and celebrating the beauty of community in this life. Through sending out letters and art while I'm traveling and painting the landscapes of our beautiful country my hope is to collect stories and "threads" to incorporate into the installation piece I've been working on over the years. 

Before I leave in August, I would love to fill my time with studio visits - I'd love to hear your stories of community and beauty and courage, like looking back at the river of your own life and how the banks have changed - email if you are interested or have questions - I promise to have cold bubbly water and veggies. 

Katharine Ryalls