Week One, Sea Level Legs

I left New Orleans under the light of the full moon. Saw the sun rise pink and red in my rear view mirror as I passed Baton Rouge. I also turned 36 as I drove into Colorado, lets call that a birthday present to myself, to feel the mountains reaching to the sky all around me like a huge hug, a reminder of my smallness, but also a dramatic symbol of the way our journeys go from the highs and the lows.

But this journey is about holding onto the highs even when things get low. Traveling solo under the sky without a roof or a plan always challenges me to dig a little deeper into my strength, courage and determination. In contrast, it sheds a bright light on my fears, but I'll write more on that next time.

But this is just the introduction to another installment of my Threads Project.

I greatly appreciate those of you who have sent me fabric to incorporate into the piece I am building - twisting and tying our different threads together to create one larger piece that will represent the importance of community and understanding and valuing our connections. At this moment it is still small and can easily tie on the back of my backpack to journey with me on trail, but it is growing into an interactive sculpture that one day I will be excited to share.

Below are some snapshots of this past week. If you would like to send fabric (small scraps or an old shirt are best) feel free to send me a message and I'll tell you where those can be mailed. Follow along in my instagram accounts @kat_ryalls and @riverandroots for more photos.

Katharine Ryalls