Glad I didn't wait until I was ready

All of my life I've had the internal conversation that goes something like, "I'd really like to try this, or do that... but I'm not ready yet." Like I need permission or a certificate, or some mark of approval. Yet in reality for the most part, whatever I've chosen to do, I was never quite ready. And thank goodness I still tried, I still took that terrifying job, I still had a show when I thought I wasn't good enough, I still jumped in my car when I didn't know where I was going, I planted the seeds that I didn't know how to tend to. (Granted, I still have a long list that is sitting in that category of "not ready yet"). But at the end of the day, the roads I've gone down though unprepared, have been the perfect teachers in my life. And from this space I'm creating my spring body of work entitled "Permission to Grow" because it's not about being ready -it's about being willing to stretch and grow into the space where we want to be and we should all remember we have "permission to grow".

Katharine Ryalls