The First Edition of the Roots & Wings Oracle Deck is finally here!


Limited first edition with unique, hand sewn carry bags, available to first 40 decks only!


roots & wings oracle deck

The Roots & Wings Oracle Deck is a 63 card deck with Interpretation Booklet designed to connect us to our inner journey of self-discovery, creativity, inspiration, authentic being and growth. Though we can often feel torn by the question of whether to soar and explore or settle and create deep roots, this deck is meant to nourish both sides of your wild and grounded spirit and lead you to finding a way to live in harmony with all the complex and beautiful desires of the heart.


how to use the deck

I love how this deck can be used to bring us closer together. It comes with a beautiful cloth bag making it easy for travel and bringing along when you get together with friends and small community gatherings. Asking questions with this deck brings us insight into ourselves and a beautiful to get to know each other more.

There is a lesson in each card, whether you are just pulling a single card for inspiration or doing a full spread of cards for a reading. Allow the card to speak to you and connect with you in the present moment and time even if it doesn't seem at first to make sense. Cards are a great tool to help us look inward or at a situation from a different perspective. Look at the image and words for the clues to a lesson or awareness that you can receive.